We're a geeky group of friends committed to discussing the serious and important issues of the day: domestic policies and liberties, international relations, security, disaster preparation, law, science, art, literature, pirates and the myriad methods by which squids and octopuses mate. Okay, we mostly care about the last two.


In alphabetical order:

Colin: plays with lasers by day, analyzes policy by night, sings madrigals on the side.

EC: wannabe Jane Jacobs, with 8 pairs of shoes under her desk.

Emily: an artist and science illustrator, and skilled eyebrow archer.

Rishi: a law student with a dark past in software engineering and ballroom dancing.

Ruchira: mathematician, synthesist.

Saheli: writer, journalist, instigator. Eventually hopes to integrate all three.

Scotto: Wordsmith and professional danger minimizer.

ToastyKen: part monkey, part robot, all toasty.


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